Zodiac boat champlain lake, Canada USA

Zodiac Exceptional loading capacity Exceptional loading capacity
There are 12 footballers in this Zodiac ®, and it is capable of carrying more or manoeuvring, without taking water. This is because the buoyancy of a Zodiac ® is far greater than that of a traditional boat, giving it a higher loading capacity.

Reassuring stability
The stability of a Zodiac ® thanks to its large buoyancy tubes which give it a low center of gravity, is such that under normal circumstances they are practically impossible to capsize. This quality, which is essential to safe confident navigating, is especially appreciated by drivers and fishermen.

Zodiac Practical in every way Practical in every way
The light weight is not the only jewel in a Zodiac ® crown. Have you ever tried shutting the trunk on a traditional boat? Or for that matter storing a traditional boat in a cupboard or the corner of a garage? The reason is that once deflated and folded the space taken up by a Zodiac ® is so much smaller that transporting it and storing it becomes extremely easy.

An economical boat
Running a Zodiac ® requires smaller outboards than conventional boats to provide better performance thus saving you money when on the water. Their maintenance is straightforward and their resale is relatively easy with good residual prices, hence costing less when out of the water. With Zodiac ®, boating can be economical.

Almost as light as air
Take a look at an inflatable boat. You see fabric, a wooden transom, the fittings... but you forget the air contained in the inflatable keel or in the buoyancy tubes which gives the boat its shape. Looked at this way, it is hardly surprising that a Zodiac ® fully inflated can be up to 3 times lighter than a comparable traditional boat making launching or pulling onto the beach so much easier

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