BBQ- Sea-B-Que Large- Dickinson (00-SBQ-L)
BBQ- Sea-B-Que Large- Dickinson (00-SBQ-L)

BBQ- Sea-B-Que Large- Dickinson (00-SBQ-L)


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BBQ- Sea-B-Que Large- Dickinson

This model features side handles and hood knobs on the rollaway hood to allow for effortless opening and closing even when the barbeque is hot. The design also prevents flame outs in the windiest of conditions.

  • 20ga grained 304 marine grade stainless
  • Sturdy construction for maximum strength
  • Features a 11,000 BTU burner
  • High strength octagonal design
  • Thermally insulated silicon side handles.
  • Roll away hood with hood knobs
  • Will not flame out in high winds.
  • Attractive design and dock appeal
  • One year warranty
  • Three year burner warranty

The Sea-B-Que Large comes with deck legs, drip tray, 4 removable porcelain grill sections, a spark igniter for easy lighting, a thermometer and a stainless latch to keep the hood closed while storing.  

Replacement Parts sold separately: 

Gas Control with Regulator -for BBQ Dickinson (15-110)

Replacement burner for Large BBQ-SBQ-Dickinson (15-060)

Stainless Steel Replacement Grill,LARGE BBQ-SBQ-Dickinson (15-183-S)

Porcelain Replacement Grill, LARGE BBQ-SBQ-Dickinson (15-183-P)

Replacement Igniter-Large BBQ-SBQ-Dickinson (15-101)

Thermometer for BBQ Dickinson (15-120)

Drip Tray for BBQ Dickinson (15-080)

Replacement Handle for BBQ Dickinson (15-130)

Cover for BBQ- Sea-B-Que Large- Dickinson

Width: 28"

Height: 14.50"

Depth: 12.50"

Weight: 30 lbs

Cooking Surface: W 11" x L 20"

BTU: 11,000 BTU