DMM-3 Battery Monitor-Microlog
DMM-3 Battery Monitor-Microlog

DMM-3 Battery Monitor-Microlog


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DMM-3 Battery Monitor-Microlog

  • The Microlog DMM-3 Battery Monitor is  designed to monitor the level of charge for 2  battery banks in measuring the total Battery Cells Voltages with great precision.
  • The voltage monitoring will help telling you the state and condition of your batteries, charging equipment and also when it's time to charge and stop charging.

Charge and discharge current monitoring: (as option)

  • With the shunt kit SWK-201 (sold separetely), the Microlog DMM-3  System will also monitor the intensity (Amperes) of incoming current from charging equipment such as alternators, wind generators or solar panels and/or, current consumed in your boat.
  • You can measure just charging or just discharging current if you prefer; or NET current circulation to your house bank.


  • Protect your batteries against deep discharge
  • Accurate 2 battery banks voltage measurement
  • System Charge, Discharge or NET current measurement(with optional Shunt)
  • Voltage up to 20VDC @ 0.01V Resolution on 12VDC model
  • Current up to 200A @ 0.1A Resolution on 12VDC model( with optional Shunt)
  • Extremely low current draw of 1.8 mA (0.0018 A)
  • Red Backlit Display
  • Simple: press the right button for input
  • Polycarbonate facing
  • Corrosion treated Printed Circuit Board
  • Surface Mount Technology with sealed trimers
  • Stainless steel hardware for marine environment
  • Easy to install and operate- no Programming needed
  • Two year limited warranty

Microlog DMM-3 (12VDC)


Voltage measurement range : 10.00 -19.99 volts

Resolution (volts): 0.01 volts

Measurement precision: ± 0.03 volts (20ºC)

Current measurement range: 0-200 amps.

Resolution (amperes): 0.1 amps(200A shunt)

Amperage Measurement precision: ± 0.1 amps. (20ºC)

Operating current requirements (with backlight): 1.8 mA (12.0V) /2.0 mA (24.0V)

Operating temperature range: 0ºC to 40ºC

Storage temperature range: -30º to+60ºC

Size: 3.52" W. x 1.77" H. x 0.735" D. 8,94 cm x4,49cm x 1,87 c