DMM-4 Battery Monitor-Microlog
DMM-4 Battery Monitor-Microlog

DMM-4 Battery Monitor-Microlog


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DMM-4 Battery Monitor-Microlog

  • The Microlog DMM-4 Battery Monitor is  designed to monitor the level of charge for 3  battery banks in measuring the total Battery Cells Voltages with great precision.
  • The voltage monitoring inform you of the state and condition of your batteries, charging equipment and also when it's time to charge and stop charging.

Charge and discharge current monitoring: (as option)

  • With the shunt kit SWK-201 (sold separetely), the Microlog DMM-4  System will also monitor the intensity (Amperes) of incoming current from charging equipment such as alternators, wind generators or solar panels and/or, current consumed in your boat.
  • You can measure just charging or just discharging current if you prefer; or NET current circulation to your house bank.


  • Protects your batteries against deep discharge
  • Accurate 3 battery banks voltage measurement
  • System Charge, Discharge or NET current measurement(with optional Shunt)
  • Voltage up to 20VDC @ 0.01V Resolution on 12VDC model
  • Current up to 200A @ 0.1A Resolution on 12VDC model( with optional Shunt)
  • Extremely low current draw of 1.8 mA (0.0018 A)
  • Red Backlit Display
  • Simple: press the right button for input
  • Polycarbonate facing
  • Corrosion treated Printed Circuit Board
  • Surface Mount Technology with sealed trimers
  • Stainless steel hardware for marine environment
  • Easy to install and operate- no Programming needed
  • Two year limited warranty

Note: The SWK-201 Shunts and Wiring kit is required if you need to measure current up to 200 AMPS on 12VDC

Microlog DMM-4 (12VDC)


Voltage measurement range : 10.00 -19.99 volts

Resolution (volts): 0.01 volts

Measurement precision: ± 0.03 volts (20ºC)

Current measurement range: 0-200 amps.

Resolution (amperes): 0.1 amps(200A shunt)

Amperage Measurement precision: ± 0.1 amps. (20ºC)

Operating current requirements (with backlight): 1.8 mA (12.0V) /2.0 mA (24.0V)

Operating temperature range: 0ºC to 40ºC

Storage temperature range: -30º to+60ºC

Size: 3.52" W. x 1.77" H. x 0.735" D. 8,94 cm x4,49cm x 1,87 c