InterProtect 2000E Anti-Osmotic- Interlux
InterProtect 2000E Anti-Osmotic- Interlux

InterProtect 2000E Anti-Osmotic- Interlux




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InterProtect 2000E Anti-Osmotic- Interlux

Interprotect® 2000E with Microplates® is a unique two-part epoxy coating developed to protect fiberglass hulls from water absorption, which can lead to osmotic blistering. Microplates® create an overlapping barrier to help stop water migration through the coating. The Interprotect® system is the system of choice for repairing gelcoat that has already been damaged by osmotic blistering.

  • Interprotect® 2000E can be used above and below the waterline as a universal primer for all surfaces and has proven itself to be an excellent primer for all metals. It also can be used as part of a no sand system.
    • Two-part epoxy water barrier with Micro-Plates
    • Up to two weeks is allowed between coats of InterProtect 2000E
    • Now available in two colors, Gray and White
    • Fast drying, easy application
    • Sag resistance to insure the elimination of sags and runs during application

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