Triton2 Speed,Depth, Wind Pack-B&G (000-14955-002)
Triton2 Speed,Depth, Wind Pack-B&G (000-14955-002)

Triton2 Speed,Depth, Wind Pack-B&G (000-14955-002)


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Triton2 Speed,Depth, Wind Pack-B&G (000-14955-002)

Optical Bonding:

Sporting an Optically Bonded 4.1-inch LCD display, Triton² allows you to see clearly in all conditions with its large clear colour display 100% free from condensation or fogging.

Efficient LCD Technology:

Transflective LCD technology uses reflected ambient light to enhance day-time visibility, providing the clearest sailing dedicated display available. LED backlighting provides highly adjustable illumination when required, making Triton² exceptionally efficient and extending time available from your battery capacity.

Easy to Use:

  • Triton² provides simple on-screen menus controlled by soft-touch and reliable waterproof buttons.
  • Intuitive design makes it easy to configure and use your display.

Low Profile Design:

At just 8mm thin the Triton2 instrument adds a sleek look to any boat. Nearly half the dimension of its thick competitors, Triton² won’t get in the way, catch ropes or offend the eye!

NMEA 2000® Certified:

NMEA 2000 certification means you can be confident when adding Triton2 to an existing NMEA 2000 system. NMEA 2000 certification also opens up a wide variety of future expansion options for your Triton² system..

Easy Installation:

  • A straight-forward front mounting method and a clip-on bezel over the (4) mounting screws combine with a single NMEA 2000 connection carrying both power and networked data.
  • The Triton² is simple and quick to install

Autopilot Integration:

  • Triton² will display B&G Pilot data on a clear status screen.
  • With the addition of a Triton² Pilot keypad the instrument becomes a fully functional Pilot controller.

Pack includes :

  • Triton² Screen Display
  • DST810 speed/depth transducer
  • B&G Masthead wind sensor with 20 meters cable
  • NMEA2000 Micro-C starter kit 

Specifications Triton² Display:

  • Width:   118mm / 4.6 in
  • Height:  115mm / 4.5 in
  • Depth:   36mm / 1.4 in 
  • Display Size: 4.1 in
  • Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Power Consumption : 1.0 Watts (Min), 1.9 Watts (Max)
  • Waterproof Standard : IPx7
  • Operating Temperature : -25ºC to +65ºC (-13ºF to +149ºF)