Marine Audio with Bluetooth - Apollo RA670- Fusion-Garmin
Marine Audio with Bluetooth - Apollo RA670- Fusion-Garmin
Marine Audio with Bluetooth - Apollo RA670- Fusion-Garmin
Marine Audio with Bluetooth - Apollo RA670- Fusion-Garmin
Marine Audio with Bluetooth - Apollo RA670- Fusion-Garmin

Marine Audio with Bluetooth - Apollo RA670- Fusion-Garmin


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Marine Audio with Bluetooth - Apollo RA670- Fusion-Garmin

Introducing the newest addition to the Apollo Family – the brand new Apollo RA670 inherits key audio innovations and technological brilliance from the award-winning Apollo RA770, re-embodied in a more compact form factor. Featuring a brilliant, optically bonded, full-color LCD display, Fusion’s DSP technology for a technically superior listening experience and system protection, Fusion-LinkTM integration and control from compatible MFDs, smart devices and Garmin watches, Multi-ZoneTM control in up to three audio zones, Apple AirPlay® 2 and PartyBusTM capabilities when connected to a Wi-Fi or Apollo network, the Apollo RA670 is truly a powerful extension of the Apollo Series.


  • marine digital media receiver with built-in Bluetooth
  • 2.7" glass LCD color display
  • can be connected to other Apollo Series receivers and remotes with a network cable and/or router
  • built-in Fusion DSP optimizes sound quality at all listening levels
  • multi-zone control lets you tune three audio zones
  • works with iPod/iPhone, plus Android and Windows phones
  • efficient Class D amplifier technology conserves battery power
  • PartyBus audio distribution technology (requires Fusion MS-SRX400 zone stereos)
  • AM/FM tuner
  • plays MP3, M4A, and FLAC files
  • works with Apple Airplay when connected to a Wi-Fi network
  • remote control
  • IPX7 water-resistant face
  • Multi-Zone Technology™: 3 zones

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Digital Signal Processing (DSP): A technically superior listening experience made simple, Fusion's DSP produces superior sound quality in every environment. Precisely calculated loudness curves optimized for the human ear ensure quality, full range audio at every volume level, while the feed-forward limiter anticipates a peak in the audio and adjusts the gain to make distortion, a thing of the past. Using environmental information and acoustically designed Fusion speaker profiles, you can now achieve customized, optimized audio for any area of your boat, resulting in an entertainment system that is perfectly tuned for premium audio reproduction, and programmed to protect your system season after season.

Setting up your DSP profiles is made simple with the free Fusion-Link app. With just a few clicks, you can set up the preconfigured DSP profile once and get back to enjoying what you love on the water, while listening to high quality audio customized for your ears and the environment.

PartyBus™-Network*: Enjoy the freedom of musical choice with the Apollo Series and Fusion's PartyBus-Network. We have introduced a new intuitive user experience allowing for easy navigation of your entire boat's audio network, making control of your audio and sources a seamless experience. Key functionalities include:

  • Stereo Grouping, allows you to link up multiple Apollo Series stereos connected to the same network and play the same audio source synchronized across all stereos. Multiple groups can be created for a personalized audio entertainment experience. Note: Apollo SRX400 sources are not shared on the network.
  • Volume Control, scroll through available zones on your vessel and enjoy independent volume control to customize your listening experience, or select ALL volume to adjust a group of stereos at once.
  • Power Options, allows you to turn on any connected Apollo Series stereo on the PartyBus-Network remotely from another Apollo Series stereo.
  • Home Zone, is the physical zone on board your vessel where the stereo is installed. After adjusting audio in another zone, the stereo will default back to audio control of the Home Zone after a period of inactivity.

Wi-Fi Audio Streaming With Apple AirPlay 2*: Seamlessly stream high quality audio via Apple AirPlay 2 over Wi-Fi* from your compatible Apple device to the Apollo RA670. Apple AirPlay 2 has the added functionality of being able to stream one audio source from your compatible Apple device to multiple Apollo Series marine stereos connected to the same network, with individual and global volume control of the head units.

Over-The-Air Software Updates*: The Apollo Series is intelligently simple and always up to date, thanks to the over-the-air software updates available from your smartphone or compatible device via the free Fusion-Link app.

More Source Options: The Apollo RA670 features more source options, with Bluetooth, UPnP, Optical Audio, advanced SiriusXM features and DAB+ radio available, AM/FM radio, AUX and USB connections ready at your fingertips.

Advanced SiriusXM Features (USA & Canada only): Along with the addition of on-screen album art, a selection of advanced features are now available on SiriusXM! These features are:

  • Instant Replay, where you can replay songs from up to 1 hour past playing, making sure you never have to miss another beat of your favorite tunes.
  • TuneStart, where you will always hear the song playing on each of your favorite stations from the start, no matter how far along it is when you change the channel.
  • TuneMix, where you can create your own channel from a mix of your favorites to create your very own custom channel. TuneMix also gives you the ability to skip songs back to the last hour you have been listening across all channels in your mix.
  • SportsFlash, where you’ll receive key plays and updates from your favorite teams during live games, ensuring you never have to miss the best moments.
  • Artist, Song and Game Alerts, where you can choose to receive alerts whenever your favorite artists, songs or sports teams start playing.

Note: A SiriusXM Connect vehicle tuner and subscription are required to access SiriusXM satellite radio (available in USA only). DAB+ radio requires the addition of an MS-DAB100A module (sold separately).

True-Marine™ Designed and Engineered: Built on Fusion’s True-Marine design philosophy, the Apollo RA670 has an impressive IPX7 and IPX6 rated water resistant front panel, and has been tested to a high level for protection against salt fog, temperature, vibration and UV.

Fusion-Link™: The industry standard protocol for on-water audio integration and control, Fusion-Link enables control of your entertainment directly from partnered marine Multi-Function Displays, compatible Apple or Android devices via the Fusion-Link app, and Garmin watches via Fusion-Link Lite. With multiple control options, no matter what you are doing on your boat, you can always be in control of your audio entertainment.

Multi-Zone Technology™: Three independent audio zones are available for a customized listening experience across your vessel, each with advanced localized menu controls including volume limits, zone naming, disabling zones and more. Note: Subwoofer and full range line outs require additional amplification.