Hire-Purchase Loan (Rent-To-Buy)

This type of financing arrangement is offered both by new and used boat vendors. Credit requests can be made on-site. The Hire Purchase agreement is simply a contract where the vendor remains the legal owner of the boat, but allows you the right to possess and use it, in return for regular payments amounting to the total value of the boat. When the final payment is made, the title to the boat is officially transferred to you. 

Interim Financing

This type of financing is based upon a Hire-Purchase contract, accompanied by a commitment on behalf of the buyer to have the boat registered and licensed as soon as possible, in order to allow the lending institution to register a maritime mortgage immediately after. 

You then benefit from the flexibility of a ship mortgage from the moment of purchase: beneficial rates, extended amortization deadlines… 

Financial institutions collaborate with our on-site offices to manage these transactions.

Maritime Mortgages

This type of financing allows you to borrow important sums of money relatively easily.

Interest rates at this level are very competitive, and the reimbursement period can stretch as far as 15 to 20 years. For a majority of financial institutions, Maritime Mortgages are the only valid guarantee for a registered boat.

Pleasure boats with a hull volume of 2000 cubic feet (20 Tonneaux) or more, must be registered.