Services offered

Marina Gosselin offers a wide range of services with competent staff that do a lot more than just sell boats and accessories. Being passionate with boats and nautical sports for more than 40 years, people at Marina Gosselin will always be excited to talk with you and, most of all, provide you with the useful advices about your boat and provide you with the repair services it needs so you can enjoy the ride on the waves.






Marina Gosselin areas

With its prime location, the Marina allows you to have access to quality services for your boat and also have access to a popular boating area, the Rivière Richelieu. You will enjoy your pleasure ride a little bit more if you have the peace of mind that you have access to reliable nautical services near you while you are on your boat. There's also an grocery store and some conveniences near the marina so you can supply up before your ride. When you come back, there's also some restaurants so you can relax after a great day over the waves and under the sun.

Do not hesitate to contact our marina for more information on our different services!

What makes the experience so enjoyable at Marina Gosselin is how the staff is always courteous and considerate who is as much passionate about boating as you are.

Refer to the list of services at the top of the page and come visit us at Saint-Paul-de-l'Île-aux-Noix!